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Pinot Negroamaro

A Sample of 3 from Giordano Wines


Disclosure: I received these wines as part of a free sample package from Giordano Wines. No reviews or any other considerations were promised in exchange for the samples.

I recently received a sample set of three wines from Giordano Wines.  Giordano has been producing wines in Italy since 1900. To this day, it remains a family-owned business. The wines I am reviewing are reasonably priced, the most expensive being in the $15.00 range. While they may not be a go-to wine for an event where you need to impress someone special, they are good wines for a casual dinner amongst friends or to bring to a party featuring cheeses or hors d’oeuvres.

Giordano 2012 Pinot Negroamaro — This is a fun, good value wine as long as you know what you are getting. It has jammy aromas of strawberries and cherries with hints of bananas. The wine has a bright acidity and is medium bodied with red fruit flavors. It has a jammy mouth feel, but a dry finish. It is different and enjoyable (if you don’t mind the jammy notes), particularly at this price. 3/4, Appx. $10 per bottle.

Giordano 2011 Chianti DOCG — This wine has a bouquet of violets and red fruits. It is light to medium bodied with high acidity and gentle tannis. Flavors of cranberries, cherries, and unripe strawberries dominate. Definitely on the light end of Chiantis, this would be a good match for pastas, cheeses, and lighter meat dishes. 1/2, Appx. $15 per bottle.

Giordano 2012 Soave DOC — Straw-colored wine with mellon and floral aromas. Light and refreshing with good acidity and flavors of tart citrus with light stone and mineral notes. It would be nice with light past dishes and seafoods. 1/2, Appx. $9 per bottle.

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