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Proof: It’s Not Just About Wine


A while back, I wrote a review of my dinner experience at Proof in Downtown Washington, D.C. As I explained then, Proof is an outstanding wine destination. What I did not learn until recently is that the bartenders at Proof also make very impressive cocktails. My initial assumption that Proof is only about the wine was definitely mistaken. I recently enjoyed a couple of excellent cocktails there and strongly recommend that you try them too.

The Devil’s Grin — Proof’s blend of whiskey, campari, amaretto, lime juice, and cane syrup starts sweet until the bitter takes over on the back end. This is a wonderfully complex drink in which you will find several layers of flavor.

The Charlie Lindbergh — I have a confession to make. Here it goes. I don’t like gin.* There, I said it. At least not certain gins. I don’t like the taste of juniper. It is a shortcoming that will likely prevent me from ever becoming a true cocktail geek. Despite knowing this shortcoming, I occasionally try a gin-based cocktail hoping to improve myself. Proof brought me as close as I have ever come to an enjoyable gin experience with this combination of gin, apricot liquor, cochi aperitivo, americano, and orange bitters. If you like gin, don’t hesitate. Even if you don’t like gin, it may be worth the experiment.

775 G Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

*Update: I drafted this post before relaunching the blog. After writing about Proof, I had an interesting gin experience at The Columbia Room in The Passenger that may have changed my mind. I hope to post about this tasting in more detail soon.

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