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Keuka Lakes Vineyards 2010 Semi-Dry Riesling


My fifth of six reviews of the 2010 Finger Lakes riesling vintage is of Keuka Lake Vineyards 2010 Semi-Dry Riesling. Keuka Lake’s vineyards are on the southern slope of Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes. Keuka Lake specializes in dry wines, particular rieslings and vignoles. These wines and its limited red offering are available for purchase online.

Keuka Lake’s 2010 Semi-Dry Riesling is a nearly colorless wine with tropical, floral (orange blossom), and nectarine aromas.  The wine has mildly tart citrus and peach flavors. It is delicate with moderate acidity, well-balanced, and it is a stand out in that it is on the dry side of semi-dry when compared to some of its sister wines from this vintage. It is a good sipping wine, and will work best with foods with flavors on the delicate side. 1/2, $18.00 per bottle.

Keuka Lake Vineyards
8882 County Route 76
Hammondsport, NY 14840
(607) 868-4100
Twitter: @KLVwines

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