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Crying for Argentina in Nashville? There’s a Place . . .


This will be the third in my series of posts about some of the best wine shops in Nashville. In my first post, I highlighted four stores that provide the best overall selections. In the second, I wrote about West Meade Wine & Liquor Mart’s fine selection of California wines. This third installment highlights Grace’s Plaza Wine & Spiritsfor its impressive selection of Argentinean wines, particularly malbecs.

As I said in my last post, Grace’s separate posting is not meant to imply that it lacks variety. Grace’s offers a fine selection of Washington and California merlots and cabernets. It has chardonnays and pinot noirs from California, Washington, and Oregon, and California sauvignon blancs, zinfandels, and syrahs. Grace’s also has a modest selection of American Rieslings from Oregon, Washington, and, at least when I visited, the one Finger Lakes, NY wine that I have found in Nashville. Leaving the States, Grace has New Zealand sauvignon blancs and pinot noirs and Chilean sauvignon blancs and carmenere. Grace’s offers a strong selection of Australian wines, along with solid selections from Spain and France. Though Grace’s is a bit light on its German and Alsatian whites, it has an abundance of Italian wines to offer.

That said, Grace’s large selection of Argentinean wines, particularly malbecs, stands out. When I asked about the focus on Argentina, I was told that it is a hot region right now that is providing good value. Can’t argue there.  If you are looking for a red but are a bit tired of your standard cabernets and merlots, Grace’s is a good destination for something a little different from the Southern Hemisphere.

Grace’s also has a strong selection of spirits. It has a variety of your basic spirits, including strong tequila offerings, accompanied by items like sloe gin, Campari, Aperol, and smaller bottles of vermouth that are very important for a home bar.

Grace’s staff is always ready to lend a hand. I liked that, when I asked about something that they did not have, they did not hesitate to refer me to The Wine Chap, which I wrote about in my first post of this series. Both shops should be on your “go to” list.

4005 Hillsboro Road in Green Hills
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 383-7660
Twitter: @graceswine

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