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Nashville Wine Shops: Wonderfully Eclectic


I have written a number of posts about some of the best wine shops I have found since moving to Nashville about a year ago. Some are great because of their diverse selection, some for their domestic offerings, and some for their high-end stock that, if nothing else, is fun to look at. This entry is about one of the most eclectic wine shops I have ever visited — one that is worth a stop anytime you want a bottle, but particularly if you are looking for something different: Woodland Wine Merchant.

Woodland prides itself on offering wines from “undervalued places around the world.” Mission accomplished. Woodland’s selection of Italian whites, for example, includes a number of Sicilian wines you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Nashville, or Tennessee for that matter. Their stock also includes Spanish whites from Rioja and Rias Baixas, and more traditional offerings like sauvignon blancs from New Zealand and Bordeaux. Woodland has a large and high-quality selection of German whites, complimented by a small but impressive section of diverse bubbly. Woodland has a strong assortment of dessert wines, port, and sherry, along with rows of unique producers from regions you’d expect to find in any wine shop you walk into — French and Australian whites; Oregon, California, and Burgundy Pinot Noir; Spanish, Italian, Australian, South American, and California reds; and an impressive if relatively small section of red Bordeaux. All that was missing were some bottles from Virginia and the Finger Lakes (personal favorites).

Woodland also has an outstanding spirits section where you can add the finishing touches to your home bar. You can impress your fellow booze hounds with Dubonnet Rouge, Coccho Americano, slow gin, creme de viollette, cynar, and genever. Don’t think your home bar or wine cellar are complete until you have taken a walk through Woodland Wine Merchant.

Woodland Wine Merchant
1001 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 228-3311
Twitter: @WoodlandWine